27 March 2009

Blood and soil

"Hypothesis 1: Thnking in terms of bioregions and communities is necessary but not sufficient. We must zero all the way in, down to the land itself, to our final destination and the source of wealth and health -- soil fertility." (Slow Money, Woody Tasch, 2008, page 61)

Actually, it goes further than the land itself. It goes down to the combination of the land and the biomass that constitutes the ingredients of fertility, what we call soil. As the soul of animal life is in the blood, so the soul of plant life is in the soil.

The soil needs caring not only from the proper use of the farm-land but also of the forest-land as well. The forests and the farms work in concert to renew the fertility of the soil.

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  1. The UK's organic farming association:


    work in close concert on a number of impressive projects with these people:


    ...a two year old viral grassroots movement of community re-localization and peak oil preparation with an upbeat pitch at last count encompassing 600 local chapters internationally

    There's a lot of good introductory material on youtube under a "transition towns" search