28 March 2009

Selfish leadership

The radical conservative/Republican leaders are presently willing to undermine the power of their own party so long as they are able to hold on to their own power within the party. This sort of behavior on the part of the leadership typifies social organizations that are in decline and are headed for collapse. First eliminate all your internal adversaries; then, when the system begins to fail, insist on maintaining your leadership for the sake of the system's purity.

When strongman rulers capture control over the social/political system they never let go, no matter what.

When leaders wring the last bit of self-importance out of their leadership position irrespective of the damage it might be doing to the followership, that's an unalloyed example of extraction. Ideologies of selfishness result in collapse because the leadership embodies the ideology's selfishness and ultimately fails to act selflessly even when their own movement needs it.

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