15 May 2011


The matter of property that accompanies the allocations and apportionments of justice are governed by values of decency as well as by values of merit and deservedness. 
  • Decency is defined as the contribution to the collective. 
  • Decency is demanded by the collective and its fulfillment is an indicator either of membership in the collective or of a desire on the part of a stranger to reside next to or in the collective in peace. 
  • Decency is the token and the measure of the regard we pay to our peers. 
  • Decency is the ur-value that manifests sometimes as the impulse to equality. 
  • Equality before the law is a token of common membership in that legal system which defines the society. 
  • Equality before the law is a choq
  • Decency in the treatment of each member of a collective is a token of the recognition of each member as member and of each peace-loving stranger as potentially either a charge of the God of fortune, and so entitled to the basic needs for survival, or as a representative of another collective which shares in God's bounty at the collective level. 
  • Decency regulates the qualifying of persons or collectives to engage in trade and inter-marriage. It establishes the first condition of intercourse: do we want to do business with you. 

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