19 August 2011

A mediocre ruling class

The Industrial Revolution enabled the ruling class to promote to the general public an abundant materialism that concealed the possibilities of joy and fulfillment which would come from a sense of embrace and belonging that is typically afforded by general collaboration. 
The European societal defect of a mediocre ruling class found its way to the New World in the form, first, of Southern plantation owners and then in the form of Northern industrialists. Such a ruling class was focused on the material gains that can come from the extraction and exploitation either of slave labor or of the natural environment. 
It is a ruling class intoxicated with the possibilities of organizing society according to the values of worth rather than of meaning. It is a ruling class that has made its peace with a God they had long since deemed irrelevant. Such a ruling class replaced the simple joys and sorrows of a meaningful, simple, humble, local society with the attractions of a gaudy, complex, hubristic, global system whose skyscrapers resemble the Tower of Babel. 

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