30 August 2011

Non-revolutionary revolutions

Disasters are warm-ups for general collapses. They are practice sessions that reveal what, absent the impositions of the ruling elites' traditional conventions, what human nature wants. The true change agents could harness disaster just as, if not more effectively than, the old ruling elites. 
Disasters are non-revolutionary revolutions, as collapses would likewise be. 
The agents of utopian change need not foment revolution to accomplish true advances in the human condition. They do however need to develop and perfect the utopian program they would install to replace the collapsed social order both with respect to the betrayals of that utopia which strongman rulers would attempt in the early moments after the establishment of the new utopia, and with respect to the residual claims to power and authority the remnants of the ruling elites would insist onto the new order even in the face of the manifest bankruptcy of the old system. 

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