06 November 2011

Frittered away sovereignty

Before we can tackle shemitta, and, indeed, before we can even study shemitta we need to study Leviticus 26, the tokhachah, the chapter that describes the exile and the attitude of the remnants of Israel who are living in exile and trying to come to terms with the failures of the generations that lost the homeland and frittered away its sovereignty. 
The more serious problem for the Jewish people is deep pessimism that masquerades as dark humor but that, in fact, keeps anyone from daring to undertake bold things in and through the halachic world. 
The observant have become cowards, and cowards cannot merit a homeland. Had the Lubavitcher Rebbe really wished to hasten the coming of the Messiah, he would have done better to teach the observant the merits of fortitude. 

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