06 November 2011

If not religiously

Whereas it might be fair to say the general population does not ‘zakhor’ the yom ha’shabbat, it would also be fair to say the general population does yes ‘shamor’ the yom ha’shabbat
It is not difficult for those who would observe the laws and strictures of shabbat to keep those laws and strictures because the general population, in its own way, goes to the trouble of making room for that observance. The surrounding national institutions have been brought into congruence with that sub-population which wishes to keep one day of rest; and, indeed, the entire population keeps the day of rest, if not religiously, then at least in effect. 
In most societies there is one day that is just not a work day, and even if here and there individuals do not in absolute consecration keep the day, they keep it in effect because of what is going on in the general society, which is the point of the temporal institution. 

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