06 November 2011

Shabbos x 70

  • The number of times the word shabbos occurs in the Chumash is 70. 
  • The number of times the word shabbos occurs with respect to shemitta is 17: 
    • 10 in the BeHar segment, and 
    • 7 in the BeChuqotei segment (with the interlude properly going to the BeHar segment, as the original segmentation of the chapters has it). 
      • All 7 of the BeChuqotei occurences refer to the tokhachah
  • The remaining occurences therefore number 53, of which 
    • 3 are a repetition in Deuteronomy of the Decalogue's statement in Exodus, and 
    • 1 is the story of the meqoshesh eitzim, which is narrative and not legislative. 
  • That leaves variously 49 (7 x 7) or 50 instances. 
  • The term shabbaton occurs 11 times: 
    • 7 times as shabbat shabbaton, and 
    • 4 times as shabbaton by itself: 
      • one each for 
        1. Yom haZikaron, 
        2. Chag haAssif, 
        3. Shemini Atzeret, and once for the 
        4. sephiach qetzirkha for the land.

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