05 November 2011


To honor God's covenant with Man requires Man to work less than the maximum. It requires self-restraint. 
God draws Himself in to make room for Man, and Man must do likewise to make room for God. Man and God exchange self-restraints with each other. The relationship between the parties in covenant is diplomatic. 
Remove the self-restraint and you see revealed hubris. That same self-restraint is essential to the Constitutional balance of power. 
The three co-equal branches of government must exercise self-restraint and diplomatic decorum to honor the covenantal character of their relationship with each other, of their relationship with the several states, and of their relationship with the people. To arrogate power to one branch over the objections of the other branches, or to arrogate power to the Federal branch over the objection of the state branches risks arrogating power away from the populace. 
That trifecta of hubris is precisely what the Cheney/Bush administration was guilty of. 

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