17 April 2009

Conduct becoming to a distinguished board member

The objective of environmental programs in a corporation should not stop at greening the practices of the management and the employees, it should go on to re-configure the entire governance -- the corporate mandate and the corporate culture. The boards of directors have ultimately to be greened. The reason the boards of the major public companies are so dysfunctional is they don't have all that much of value to do. The objective of growth for the large corporation has by and large been exhausted and alternative programs that would properly merit the attention of the men and women of distinction who sit on the boards of the large corporations are no longer challenging because the corporations are still behaving like adolescents even though their powers have already matured into adulthood. So that instead of governing the corporation for the sake of some higher values the boards begin to drift to the kind of crony capitalism that's growing up in China and Russia under the guidance of Wal-Mart, Big Oil, Wall Street and the conservative movement and its Republican Party.

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