17 April 2009

Who's the grown up now?

The left did not grasp the proper dimensions of its own struggle. The left, no less eggregiously than the right, was willing to support grand scale organizations and resource extraction over organizations of modest scale and resource stewardship.

When the lid came off the Soviet Union it was revealed to be among the worst environmental offenders on the planet; labor unions demand self-serving regulations that punish productive effectiveness without their bothering to invent better solutions to the challenges of technological progress; self-righteousness, self-pity, self-victimization, and the disempowerment that comes of an adolescent cast of mind typify much thinking on the left -- all these bespeak a lack of a deeper vision and a deeper focus on the liberal left which is commensurate with the myopia and shallowness of the conservative right.

The environmentalists who whine like adolescents mistakenly perceive the corporate incumbents as the grown-ups. That perception needs to be reversed. The true environmentalist sees the values of stewardship, which are the values of up-grown-edness, while the true blue corporate director and his CEO sees only the values of unlimited growth, which are the values of adolescence.

The crony communists of mid-20th century Russia and China eventually sloughed off their communist roots and have, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, morphed into crony capitalists par excellence. Indeed, they are today the global ground zero of crony capitalism, to which the crony capitalists of America and the Middle East and Europe turn for leadership and guidance and financial support. The thuggery of the old communist regimes has survived and is indeed overwhelming the populist instincts of the small-l liberal, free market entrepreneurship of the American republic. The conservative movement and the crony communists are in league to transform the world's economic order to the dictates of strongman rule and the resource curse. God's word that teaches stewardship and reverence are our only bulwark against that threat.

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