18 April 2009

Weak leaders means poor stewards

A high incidence in a society of weak leadership is a symptom of the resource curse and the concomitant extractive values failing to promote the proper values of stewardship, caring and contentment. Stewarding leaders tend to be strong leaders whereas extractive leaders tend to be strongmen who talk strong but are, at bottom, weak and cowering.

The strongest leaders are those who are doing God's work, protecting His values and His apportionments, recognizing His higher power and leveraging that power to their own ends, accepting humbly His higher authority and gaining a great measure of dignity in the process, tending in reverence to the welfare of their charges and inspiring their followers to rise, to refuse to kneel, to insert their systems into the general order of things, to face their challenges and their allies, to achieve inner harmony and wholeness, and to resonate with the non-material essence of the material fertility that transforms a stock into a fund and gives it life.

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