18 April 2009


LBJ might have been the source of the final take-over of the American political system by the Texas oligarchs. The Vietnam War, which was Johnson's war, kicked off the KBR juggernaut, which ultimately resulted in the Wall St asset inflation and the current meltdown. It was probably KBR's people who took it upon themselves first to assassinate JFK to deliver the presidency to LBJ, and then to assassinate RFK to keep the presidency at LBJ's re-election. How different the course of history might have been had it not been altered the by LBJ cabal.


  1. I'd love a citation for your thinking on this.

  2. I am not presenting claims about the facts. As far as I am concerned, getting hung up in the facts would be a distraction. It is a common ploy for strongman rulers to limit the public's access to information and then cynically requiring the public to support their suspicions with information only the strongmen have.

    I am talking about a frame of mind. I am talking about the culture of Texas and the national leaders, both political and industrial, that have come out of that culture.

    I am talking about common sense. Who killed JFK and Bobby? What role did the Texas war-mongers play in that dark turn in American history? I can't prove it but I think I don't have to. It doesn't matter.

    This is the same sort of distraction as people who argue about whether the events in the Bible ever really happened. Who cares? Common sense should be our only guide in such matters.