07 April 2009

What would "The One' really look like?

The modern businessperson all around the world is really the cultural manifestation of the lassez faire, free market, capitalist entrepreneur and industrialist that is the genius of the American man. The mid-20th century corporate man is the second generation version of that stereotype. The executive manager and his financial counterpart, the Wall St. 'master of the universe,' are refinements and extensions of that second generation business type. The question is what kind of person is the modern-day equivalent of the defender of God's covenant? What are the makings of that style of decision-maker?

Whole earth designers might come close in that they are architects, designers, engineers, technologists. They have the quiet self-assurance of the very bright and the very clever and the very well-prepared. They have in them a rationalist bias that is at once uncompromising while at the same time not doctrinaire.

What is missing however is the element of leadership -- the political aspect. How does someone of this covenantal ilk wield power? Duty to the covenantal project is the basic motivator for action, and the cool of a Barack Obama certainly seems like a key ingredient in the personality profile of such a one.

The question is how does privilege translate into stewardship and the humility that attends it, and how does stewardship then translate into the proper and effective wielding of power? To describe the stereotype is to identify the seed that defines the whole culture and civilization. It could be the leader would need to relate to the people in the vocabulary of the Bible.

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