07 April 2009

The stores of surplus

In addition to the matter of speed bumps, which are the periodically spaced land-sabbaticals, to keep the valuation of momentum from growing too large and thereby overwhelming the political/economic system, there is also the matter of the establishment of banks of surplus (chelev & dvash, suet and sap (?)). These banks are the other side of the coin of the speed breaks. The accumulation of the surplus is the result of, and complementary with, the imposition of speed breaks. Both are elements of the laws of sheviit and shemitta, though the laws that focus on the shnat shemitta, the sabbatical year, tend to get more attention than the laws that would focus on the shnat chozeq, the productive years. Perhaps that might be because the chozeq years are the responsibility of the mundane leadership rather than the responsibility of the priests, ministers of the divine authority.

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