17 April 2009

A kinder and gentler corporate structure

Technology need not necessarily be the enemy of reverence. The whole earth designers are comfortable with technology while at the same time highly reverential to the ecological context in which they wish to insinuate that technology.

We might wish to re-conceive the corporation away from its present capital-centric structure toward a structure that serves the whole earth. It would be a corporate structure that would be less focused on the raising and the deploying of capital because it would be functioning in a world where capital was no longer scarce; nor would it be focused on the organizing and deploying of labor. Rather it would be a corporate structure that focused on the preservation of the raw materials and the natural resources not merely because they were scarce but because we cherished the resources and wanted to preserve them for future generations. It would be a corporate structure that was teleological in orientation rather than one based on cause and effect (and the scarcity or abundance therein implied).

Such a corporate structure would need a political/economic environment that priced or discounted (or, dare we say, even privileged and appreciated) the future more honorably than the way the natural resource-consuming order is doing today. It would be a corporate structure designed for collaboration rather than competition since it would be a corporate structure made for a society that privileged the covenantal order rather than the adversarial order that dominates present day business practices.

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