14 November 2010

The measure of earning

Marginal costs = marginal benefit = price is the market's way of defining the notion of earning. The ecological economists need a different version of defining the notion of earning. To talk about what is earned is to talk about what is deserved. 
  • Query: What does earning look like in transaction systems that are traditional and covenantal? 
To understand where earning meets justice through fortitude, prudence and temperance would be a useful thing for our understanding of how virtue underlies our cultural systems. 
  • Query: How do prudence, temperance and fortitude operate with two sides of a relationship? 
Fortitude overcomes resistance; temperance is about desisting; and prudence is about the consistency between the inner and the outer world. Justice brings these three two-sided virtues into internal alignment, where the one side of the relationship matches the other side. Justice refers to outcomes whereas fortitude and temperance refer to inputs, and prudence refers to an input about an outcome. 
All these virtues entail some sort of judgment. 
The mechanism for judgment is balance or equilibrium. 

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