14 November 2010

The telltale scent of ideology

The neo-classical model is defended by people who, deep inside, know the model is flawed. It's what drove me out of the study of economics. 
Every field of academic study has open questions that beckon to the young mind. The economics profession however had become infected by the ills of ideology. Ideology in economics masks the unanswered questions and focuses the profession's energy on promoting the conventional wisdom over the inquiry about how the conventional understandings are flawed. 
When ideology takes hold it gives off a telltale scent of intellectual insistence and of the need for order as being more important than the earnest testing of that order. Ideology in academia resembles, in the realm of intellectual action, the same resource curse that befalls ideology in politics, in the realm of moral action. 
Insecure power is the essence of the resource curse. What God teaches is the image of a secure power that is beneficent and untroubled by His children's challenges to His teachings. 

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