14 November 2010

Where the presence of God is all gone

Apocalypses are situations where the presence of God is all gone and where His absence defines society's conduct. In that context, we might explain the Genocide as a manifestation of covenantal abrogation. It could be the Jewish people had a responsibility to demand their just deserts, to stop collaborating with those who undermined their dignity. 
Fortitude commands justice by insisting the demands of justice into the situation and then overcoming the resistance to those demands. Demanding justice and overcoming the resistance to those demands is the pathway to dignity. The consequence of the loss of covenantal partnership is fear. The manifestation of such fear is cowardice. Without an appreciation of what belongs to one's covenantal partner a people can easily lose a proper sense of what belongs to them on their own side. Failing to respect covenantal apportionments therefore ultimately leads to cowardice, indignity, humiliation, and, in the final event, extermination.

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