16 November 2010

Where quality matters, traditions must rule

Quality is transacted traditionally, as tradita, while quantity is transacted through trades. The compensation for the traditting of quality is the bestowing of quality onto the person who tradits the quality forward. 
Where quality matters, traditions must rule. Where traditions rule, they must be respected and they must be cultivated. The respecting of a tradition is a choq; the cultivation of the tradition is a mishpat. The foundation of society is the covenantal relationship that respects the chuqim of each covenantal unit, which unit is defined by the currents of tradita that run through it and are cultivated by the tradition's mishpatim
Each class in society describes its own traditions. Inter-class relations must respect the chuqim that belong to those several currents of traditions. The relations between the classes must be governed by self-restraint, in the interests of diplomacy. When one class usurps the value that traditionally is circulating within another class's corpus, the society will collapse because the covenantal boundaries will have been violated and the resource curse will take hold.  

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