21 March 2011

Camelot decreed reality

The code of honor that was King Arthur's in the age of chivalry held women in careful regard as a matter of honor, as it held knightly courage likewise in special regard as a matter of honor. 
Camelot was the end of two systems of thought, both of which systems were essential elements of the sense of reality that prevailed in the ancient world: that the world was enchanted with the spirit of God; and that the public truth could be established 'in the body' by exercises of might, irrespective of what everyone in private knew to be the case. 
God's honest truth, which was always public, could well contradict what one knew in private but could not say in public, and reality could be lived on both planes with no contradiction or sense of dissonance. 
Might, in the public domain, could make right
That is the fundamental strategic basis of the Cheney administration's approach to American government. It matters less what a chivalric knight would say in public as it matters that said knight could defend the statements and maintain them as consistent and that anyone who would dispute the truth of those statements would be disproved 'in the body'. 
Camelot decreed reality (the rain may never fall till after sundown ...) 

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