23 March 2011

The crimes of unaccountable tyrants

"... those who turn up to UN meetings literally have no business being there. They are not representatives of the people from whose territories they come, and if they speak for anyone it is for the party, faction, or tyrant who sent them. Moreover, as Rosemary Righter has shown, the UN and its subordinate institutions are wholly prey to corruption, consuming vast resources by the relentless extension of unaccountable bureaucratic power. [Utopia Lost: The United Nations and the World Order; 1995.] These institutions are less a means of resolving disputes than means of creating them, by dressing up the crimes of unaccountable tyrants as though they were the corporate decisions of nation-states." (The West and the Rest: Globalization and the Terrorist Threat, Roger Scruton, 2002; page  145). 

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