23 March 2011

The true work of Satan

"Entering this new and bewildering political labyrinth [the European Union] the Muslim immigrant will certainly find a freedom and a prosperity that are unfamiliar in his country of origin. He will also enjoy welfare benefits, free education  or at any rate "education"  for his children, and free medical services. He will find plenty of work on the illegal market, since the states of the European Union have raised to cost of employing people to the point where small enterprises can no longer afford to offer work in the official economy. What the Muslim immigrant will not find, however, is any process of nation-building that might serve to recruit him to membership in the surrounding social order. He will live in strict isolation, and regard the world in which he earns his living as of no independent concern to him. Such membership as he enjoys will come to him from his family and the immigrant community to which his family belongs. And it will depend upon their shared obedience to the rituals of prayer and fasting and to the revealed will of God.
 "The new European superstate therefore offers a breeding ground for Islamic terrorists. Just as the official culture of Europe involves a repudiation of the nation and its pride, so does the Muslim terrorist target the nation-state as the true work of Satan. The attacks on America were a response to the world's most successful attempt at nation-building, which projects its power, its freedom, and its detritus so effectively around the globe. All the principal actors in the atrocities of September 11 had resided in Europe, and received there both training and indoctrination through the local cells of al-Qa'eda. The plot to attack America was not hatched in any Muslim country, but on the continent where the West began." (The West and the Rest: Globalization and the Terrorist Threat, Roger Scruton, 2002; page  155-6). 

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