28 March 2011

Critical thinking & repudiation

Where does critical thinking shade into repudiation? 
  • The critic affirms the infra-marginal foundation of one's value system while taking issue with the values that are operating on the margin; the repudiator rejects the entire system as illegitimate, and disaffirms all except for some sliver of values at the margin. 
  • The critic embraces and extolls the value system in his attempt to improve it; the repudiator betrays the value system and wishes to take it down. 
  • The repudiator makes common cause with the enemies of the value system; the critic defends it from its enemies. 
  • The revolutionary is not a critic, the revolutionary is a repudiator. 
The ideology of revolution wishes to eliminate authority as oppressive and thus works to hasten the apocalypse. The revolutionary wishes to hurry the moment when all would know God in a post-apocalyptic, egalitarian state of grace. 

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