29 March 2011

The most optimistic place

China and the Middle East have different strategies vis-a-vis Europe and the United States. 
China sees Europe as an unworthy competitor it will simply devour when the time comes; China sees the US as a worthy competitor that sets the standard, and which it will have to leap frog inch by inch wherever possible as opportunities arise. 
The Middle East sees Europe as a strategic ally that will give it legitimacy, while it sees the US as the common adversary that will give it unity. To the Muslim world, both Europe and the US serve to mask the reality that is gripping the Middle East: Europe, by making it legitimate; the US, by distracting from it. 
China is relating to the exhaustion of the European and American economy and technology; the Middle East is relating to the exhaustion of the European and American politics and techniques. 
Europe is dragging down America both economically and politically. For America to free herself from the European albatross around her neck she needs to reaffirm the American notion of autonomy as pro-active rather than as passive. Today the most optimistic place in the world is China. America needs to regain her exuberance and rid herself of the exhaustion Europe is spraying about all over the world. 

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