13 September 2011

Flood the zone

The problem of how to deal with general, systemic collapse affects the communities that try to deal with and anticipate the collapse and they affect, in nearly the same way, individuals who try to prepare for the collapse. 
Is it best to wall yourself off in a ghetto and learn to live without the grid or do you try to build bridges to the extant, albeit brittle, social system and ride the collapse down as it hits its repeated bottoms? 
One way to anticipate the collapse while staying plugged in is by changing the story and the language of the political/economy. That was God's objective with the ten plagues: to change the conversation and the terms of discourse about the situation of the Hebrews in their Egyptian captivity. He wanted to flood the zone with His marvels and dominate the news cycle. These were acts of terror, executed for the same reason that ObL marshalled al-Qa'eda – to control the news cycle and to define the terms of discourse. 

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