21 September 2011

Fundamentalist nonsense

The problem with ChZL's neglect of the laws of sheviit and shemitta is not that they did not follow the letter of the scriptural law as written but that they did not attempt to reproduce the spirit of the law as they understood it. 
It is this slavish preoccupation with the letter of the law, based on the preposterous notion that ChZL cannot surmise the true intent of scriptural law and must instead, and in every instance, address scripture as a spiritual black box, that has led to the calamity for the Jewish people that it has. 
As the collapse of the industrial West's wealth will disqualify the nonsense of the free market fundamentalists so the Genocide has already disqualified the nonsense of the Oral Law fundamentalists. 
Curiously enough, both fundamentalisms could be overturned by the revival and obsrvance of the set of scriptural laws – the laws of sheviit and shemitta

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