13 September 2011


Since 9/11/2001 the American people have been consistently misled about the meaning of what happened on that day. Americans have been living in a society that has become fundamentally untrustworthy. As such America has become a society that no longer deserves to be trusted. 
"It's possible to imagine a reality that diverged from September 11 onward, a reality in which the first thing affirmed was the unconquerable vitality of civil society, the strength of bonds of affection against violence, of open public life against the stealth and arrogance of the attack." (A Paradise Built In Hell, Rebecca Solnit, 2009; page 221). 
Seen in this light, the question people face is which people do they love; in which people do they want to invest their faith; with whom do they want to live out their lives and to join in struggle against the forces of oppression that come out of the institutional biases of the power elites. 
People need to resist the power elites even when they are members of the power elites because they cannot make their lives with the power elite, they can only make their lives with the ordinary members of their civil society. 

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