21 September 2011

Force an urgent future

Shnat sheviit serves as a national institution, as an integrator to bring together the nation’s disparate minorities. 
Indeed, the notion that Israelis could sell their land to resident Arabs as a way of getting around the laws of sheviit and shemitta goes against the deepest meaning of the institution, which is to bind together all the people who share the land. 
To install shnat sheviit as a fundamental national institution would give a purpose to the state that is at once revolutionary in the context of the modern political/economy as well as founded on a set of ancient practices that aren't identified particularly with the Jewish people since those practices in history don't seem to have been embraced by them. 
Shnat sheviit would be a revolutionary idea for a people, one that could inspire all of its people and its peoples, tear it out of the past and force an urgent future onto all its people.  

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