27 September 2011

Third factor

One side’s ideology favors capital, the other’s favors labor; hence the tension between the right and the left. Neither side, however, acknowledges the third factor: land and the natural resources and raw materials it represents. 
What the Bible is saying is that if you acknowledge the sanctity of God's little acre, it won't much matter whether you're on the right or on the left because most of what counts as value in our economies is embedded in the land and the commodities and the raw materials associated with the land; and credit for all that deservedly goes to God. 
What God wants in recognition for His beneficence is reciprocation in political rather than in economic terms. 
The reciprocation for a gift is often non-material. One often reciprocates a gift through behavior, in one’s comportment, the bestowal of dignity and honor, in one’s manners, by affording particular courtesies, etc. 

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