25 February 2011

Alive and immediate

The dialogue creates the whole. It is in the alternation of the expressions, in the gaps and the silences, that the meaning comes together. 
Political/economic systems should be built to rely on the wholeness. A society that knows itself as whole is what we call paradise. 
Wholeness is known carnally as an experience. That's what gives it its sense of aliveness and immediacy. 
A society that demands of itself not just the minimum that can be delivered but rather a full-bodied, robust cultivation of a complex esthetic experience of its members' relationship to their society, such a society creates a sense of wholeness. Such a society builds itself around the experience of God within its midst. Such an experience of God is not as another object of reverence but rather as integrated into the very fiber of its political/economic system. 
God is alive in such a society as a covenantal partner because the society is alive in its own self-understanding of who and what it can be and because the society is focused on what it is capable of accomplishing. 

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