24 February 2011

Smart and foolish & vague and dumb and wise

The alternative to an allocation mechanism of the material realm is an apportionment regime of the experiential realm. If we focus only on the material and the tastes and preferences of those material objects we can never get to our non-material experience and to the values we place on that way of apprehending the world and our environments. 
Our experiences are worth more to us than our material goods, they are more meaningful to us, they go deeper into who we are with ourselves and with others who matter to us, they are more dear and they define us and our lives more comprehensively and more profoundly. To maximize pleasure from material goods while sacrificing fulfillment from our experiential reality is folly. 
The left hemisphere can be smart and foolish; the right hemisphere can be vague and dumb and wise. 
Our political/economics has to be aware of the consciousness our ideological regimes promote. The point isn't the welfare we achieve, the point isn't the ethics we pursue, the point is the consciousness we engender. The objective of the political/economy should be a system to promote the proper consciousness. 
Disembodied spirituality is as pernicious as is radical materialism. The affirmation of the dominance of the right hemisphere is as important as the negation of the dominance of the left. The separation of spirit and body is much about a flight from consciousness and about a flight from the understanding that consciousness needs to be central to the concerns of the political/economy. 

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