25 February 2011

Types & individuals

The left hemisphere remembers types, the right hemisphere remembers individuals. 
By the time the accidental has been stripped away to leave only the essential, much of the individuality is gone. That individuality lodges in the messy soul rather than the pristine essence. Because it is accidental and therefore not essential what makes someone or something an individual feels frivolous or arbitrary. The soul, however, comprehends all that and integrates it into a unique individual whose qualities and characteristics are appreciated by the right hemisphere. 
The left hemisphere classifies into broader categories. The more broad the category, the more likely it will be it is the left hemisphere that is doing the processing. As the categories move from super-ordinate to sub-ordinate and thus more individuated, the likely locus of cognitive processing moves toward the right hemisphere. In the limiting case where the brain is dealing with something that has not yet been classified and so, as yet, belongs to no category at all, the right hemisphere is the one that handles all such anomalies. 

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