30 October 2010

Accumulating and holding secret political power

Antisemitism is the modern day form of superstition. Superstition is the general public's protocol for dealing with lack of information and uncertainty and risk. Superstition is how an unthinking person conjures up a simple explanation for the inexplicable source of some sense of danger. 
When the leadership cannot take responsibility for securing the general public, superstition will start to bleed in as a way for the unled followership to come to terms with that sense of insecurity. God serves as a shield from the source of inexplicable danger. Superstition takes hold when God stops serving as such a shield for the people. 
We are, in general, witness to two inter-connected problems regarding international relations: 
  1. power players tend to behave like a bunch of adolescent boys bordering on juvenile delinquency; 
  2. the more extreme form of such adolescent behavior is to postulate a world of international relations run by hidden conspiracies and secret societies. 
So in the economic sphere the world is in the grip of 'more is better,' and in the political sphere the world is in the grip of 'he took my ball away.' 
The logic of the great Jewish conspiracy theory is based on the history of the Christian oppression of Jews. That historic Christian oppression provides a plausible motive for Jewish retribution and retaliation, and, indeed, for the impulse for the Jews to band together in the first place for the sake of accumulating and holding secret political power. 
The Jewish role in all this is the notion that somehow the world revolves around the Jews, even when the Jews are in exile. The Jews enjoy the publicity and the celebrity, which is unbecoming. It's immodest. 
Immodesty is the exilic version of hubris. 

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