30 October 2010

Divine rule is a political matter

"It was this conceit of the 'exception Jews,' who were too 'enlightened' to believe in God and, on the grounds of their exceptional position everywhere, superstitious enough to believe in themselves, that actually tore down the strong bonds of pious hope which had tied Israel to the rest of mankind." (The Origins of Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt, 1994; page 74). 
Hubris is more of a superstitious posture than is faith in a divine ruler. The principal issue in the biblical regime is not whether or not God exists but whether or not YHWH is the supreme authority. The issue is less faith than it is reverence and humility. The central question is not ontological, it is political. 
This re-framing of the matter of divine rule into political terms is today the key challenge and the main opportunity facing the Jewish people in the Land of Israel; and not only the Jewish people but all the people and peoples of Israel as well. 

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