28 October 2010

Should the state promote values or remain neutral?

The Jews enabled the European nation-state to adopt a neutrality it could otherwise only achieve through a high degree of abstraction. That neutrality was as opposed to the parties of the anti-Semites who insisted the government of the nation-state ought to promote firm values that expressed content in the conduct of government. The Jews thus represented a secular move in the role of government in the life of the nation while the anti-Semites represented a religious move in government's role, albeit an extremely denatured manifestation of religion in the shape of the government. 
The anti-Semites had public relations on their side. That the anti-Semitic parties who promoted core values in the society came to dominate the non-anti-Semitic parties who likewise promoted core values in the society demonstrates how important a role public relations plays in the conduct of modern national and international politics. 

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