31 October 2010

The true meaning of the Temple's destruction

Colonial rule was Godless rule. 
It is not so much that absolute rule corrupts absolutely as it is that absolute rule defies God's rule, and to defy God's rule is an act of hubris that leads to catastrophic collapse because only God's rule promotes the values of the long-term and engenders resiliency and sustainability in the body economic as well as the body politic. 
The advent of imperialism was just the modern day version of the problematic in the ancient world of how to manage the challenges of empire. One of the answers in the ancient world was the existence of the State of Israel and the people of Israel as a template for empire governed by the values of resiliency and sustainability.  
That people in the ancient world did not appreciate that biblical template and the values it embodied, that the people of Israel themselves did not appreciate their own values and their own mission, was one of the great misfortunes of the ancient world. It is the true meaning of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. The violent history of the 20th century and the emerging violence of the 21st century testifies to the same problematic plaguing the modern world. The Jews of the modern world were clearly incapable of dealing, in diaspora, with the challenges of modern day empire. The question is will the State of Israel be up for the challenge. 

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