29 October 2010

The other side of the coin of the resource curse

Anti-Semitism is the other side of the coin of the resource curse. 
YHWH founded Israel as an antidote to the resource curse. When Israel was thrown into exile (to become the Jewish people) their survival came to be tied up with their ability, as court Jews, to co-opt the ruling elites. Why? Because the Jewish people preserved their sense of civil society and family identities, which sense was the bulwark against the resource curse. That sense, however, also served to keep the Jewish people from being able to connect with the civil societies of their host societies. The Jewish people never could assimilate into the host populations so they had to preserve their political prerogatives by joining with the host societies' ruling elites. A people unconnected to the general population and collaborating with the ruling elites are a natural target for the propaganda engine that came to be the objective of extraction distraction. When Jew aversion became an instrument of extraction distraction it became anti-Semitism. The irony of Jews in exile serving the purposes of extraction distraction, in diametric opposition to the role of Israel's sons in their sovereign home, is narratively almost too perfect to believe. 
Anti-Semitism was the more important ideology of the 20th century because extraction distraction was the most general objective of the 20th century ruling elites. 

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