30 January 2011

Extremism is in its nature demonic

The logic of extremism has a system of its own. 
Extremism forms a pathological process of organization to suit its unique needs. The biblical regime attempts to signify that extremism as pathological rather than as merely normal but of a different stripe. Pathology needs to be treated as an extreme threat that deserves and indeed requires eradication, not competitive co-existence. 
The logic of extremism is designed to preserve the extremist character of the organization. The establishment one after another of militant sub-groups within the movement's hierarchy is a feature of the preservation of that extremism. 
The ostensible ideological program ceases to govern the decision-making of the movement. Instead, the movement is taken over by the lust for the raw extremism that results in a kind of satanic descent. No matter where ideologically the logic of extremism begins, it ends in the collapse of all interests before the absolutist, 'totalist' demands of utter hubris. 
Extremism is in its nature demonic. 

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