25 January 2011

For sustainability economies to prevail

The real questions are: 
  • Can we describe growth economies as distinct from sustainability economies; 
  • Does an economy geared for growth disable the possibility of an economy geared for sustainability; and, if so, 
  • Is it feasible for the two types of economies to interact without the one disadvantaging the other?
  • Finally, if the growth economy turns out to have predatory features, what are the steps the sustainability economy can take to insulate itself from the effects of the growth economies? 
To answer these questions would be a worthy research project for the Shemitta Project to pursue. It could be the economies pitched to growth have within them a predatory element that makes them devour other economies pitched to sustainability, even though the economies pitched to growth might, in the end, result in wholesale collapse and exhaustion of the productive foundations of the societies. 
  • What would be an effective defense mechanism for the sustainability economies to prevail in a competitive environment where growth is king? 

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