30 January 2011

The sympathizers

The party membership must stay small while the penumbra of sympathizers can be as large as possible, comprehending even the entire nation. 
The ultra-Orthodox must remain small in number so they can function as the zealous avant garde of the Jewish totalitarian movement. 
  • The larger population of sympathizers affords the movement a legitimacy that makes it acceptable to the general society. 
  • The sympathizers give the movement ideological cover. 
  • The sympathizers are the real problem, for they are the ones who disable the society from seeing the totalitarian movement for the insanity that it is. 
  • The sympathizers form a phalanx that insulates and supports the fanaticism of the party members and of the true believers. 
  • To combat such a movement requires an assault not on the radicals of the movement but rather the disqualification of their sympathizers. 
  • The sympathizers are the living bark and sap that protect and feed the trunk of the sturdy tree. 
  • The sympathizers keep the radicals from recognizing the degree to which they are out of touch with the normal world. 
This gradation of insulation and nourishment goes all the way to the inner circle and even to the pinnacle of the movement. 

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