30 January 2011

To covet

The principal vice associated with extraction is coveting. 
To covet is to want to take what is inalienable to your fellow and to make it inalienable to yourself. Coveting violates the covenantal bond that is the essence of the inalienable. Coveting your neighbor's wife is therefore the exemplification of covenantal desecration because the marital bond is the premier artificially rather than naturally arrived at covenantal bond. 
To covet another's wife is wrong but natural; to covet another's children is not so much wrong as it is unnatural. Because it is pathological it is not enumerated among the prohibitions of coveting. 
The entire Decalogue refers to covenanting. The first five comprehend vertical covenants while the last five, horizontal covenants. Killing, adultery, stealing, bearing false witness, coveting are all about violations of honor more than of law. 

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