24 December 2010

Design and devisement

To introduce complementarity into the system that comes from covenants (as opposed to substitutibility in the system that comes from markets) is to require consideration of the whole of the system and the integration of the parts. 
The mode by which we introduce integration into the system we call design and devisement. To devise is to reorganize that which is given, while a design is the map of that reorganization. 
Implicit in the notion of devisement is the notion of recycling. We devise out of that which is given. Devisement is thus self-covenanting. 
Waste is the purest gift because it is truly not wanted by the grantor. Grace and waste are close to each other. Add to that the impulse to impregnate as a form of grace, and we have a trio of gifts in their purest form. 

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