27 December 2010

The duty of abundance

  • The duty of abundance is blessing. 
  • The duty of abundance is to replicate the abundance so that when it is passed along it is passed along in sufficient measure that the next generation can likewise pass it on in blessing. 
  • The duty of abundance is tradition. 
  • The duty of abundance is to replicate the institutional base on which the abundance was generated. Those are the two dimensions of blessing: persons to populate the institution and a natural capital base on which the persons can achieve an equivalent measure of abundance. 
  • The duty of abundance is to propel the abundance and not only to pass it on. 
  • The duty of abundance is to diversify the rules of abundance into all the myriad institutions of the society so that every institution enhances the culture of abundance which the abundance is enabling. 
The institutions of abundance must be established not only in the realm of philanthropy; the institutions and values of abundance must infuse themselves as well into the realm of productivity. 
Gifts engender obligations in two dimensions: 
  1. recognize the beneficence of the gift's source by reciprocating; and 
  2. propel the gift's beneficence by building institutions of tradition. 
Market trades are about present consumption while gift exchanges are about past appreciation and future replication. Past appreciation is about being a part of a larger whole while future replication is about making a whole comprised of equivalent parts. 

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