03 October 2011

Bull by the horns

Assume the fundamental and universal ideological issue comes down to the following question: does the pursuit of excess by anyone results in the ultimate enrichment of everyone? 
The laws of sheviit and shemitta grab that bull by the horns. Sheviit forces onto an economy the production of surplus not unlike the way the natural processes of a woman giving birth overwhelm the consciousness of the birthing mother and force into effect the birthing process, autonomically, with or without the pregnant woman’s attention or cooperation. 
Having set the surplus in the center of the economic order, sheviit and shemitta proceed to define how it needs to be handled to positive effect. Finally, having defined how to do it right, Tokhacha26 proceeds to explain how the violation of these deadlines will result in the abrogation and voiding of the treaty and the collapse of the civilization. 
This is a comprehensive and definitive rendering of the ideological issue. 

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