09 October 2011

Land was a fund

The modern day industrial economy needs to manage the use of the natural resources by both labor and capital. 
People need to think through how the industrialization of the productive processes factors into the relationship between the farms and the cities, especially insofar as the Israelite ministry seemed to have been shunted to the cities away from the land. 
In any case, the protection of the natural resources must be key to the proper design of any economic order. The difference between the relationship to the natural resources of the ancient world’s agrarian order versus the modern world’s industrial order is that, to the ancient world, land was a fund whereas, in the modern world, raw materials tend to be a stock. 
Plus, the industrial order harnesses energy sources in a way that is more refined and more intensive than the way the agrarian order did. 
Finally, the social organization of work is more important in a technology-heavy industrial economic system than it is in a technology-light agrarian system. 

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