11 October 2011

Spread the risk

As regards how to employ a national surplus, the first allocation should be for the sake of insurance, to spread the risk throughout the population and to reduce the danger of insolvency. 
Define illiquidity as the forced entry into the market of the sale of stocks that ought ordinarily to be held to maturity. The forced character of that entry into the market has a predatory feel about it. Surplus should be used to insure against such predatory market intrusions. 
God's role is to endow the tribute-bearing classes with enough wealth to defend against the tribute-imposing classes from abusing their privileges for the sake of imposing structural  change in the political/economic and social/spiritual order. The way to defend against unwise structural  change in the body politic is by insuring in the lives of the common person against the alienability of the inalienable. 
Define structural  change in the body politic as an alteration in the general consensus of what just-deserts means. Deservedness is tied to inalienability. 
  • People ought not be able to sell the source of their deservedness. 
  • Autonomy must never be for sale. 
God’s role of safeguarding the collective autonomy is a model for Man’s role of safeguarding his personal autonomy in like manner. The objective of the former is to enable the latter. 
Insofar as the collective is made up of the aggregation of the personal, in a sovereign nation it is the responsibility of both the leaders and the followers to reinforce each other's autonomy by deploying the surplus of the collective to ensure the individual's autonomous ability to produce a surplus of his/her own. 
The measure of a healthy economy is not the productivity of the workforce but the ability of the workforce to generate surpluses. If we take a productive workforce and we raise the level of its consumption so that their personal savings rates go negative and so that the insurance for the autonomy of the individual rests in the artifical inflation of their asset values, which inflated values are experienced as windfalls, then we have a sick economy no matter how productive the workforce is. 

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