02 October 2011

Sova standard

The sovereign's monopoly on power almost automatically and irresistibly extends into his monopoly on the extraction of the fertile core, be it in the land, under the land, in the oceans, in the air, or in the reproductive capacity of man or beast. Furthermore, the sovereign has a monopoly on money and on credit and leverage. 
The ability of the society to discriminate between subsistence and super-abundance, which is to say, the ability of a society to establish a sova point, along with society's ability to discriminate between productive versus speculative risk is the key, and most fundamental, standard for the society to establish for itself. 
On the basis of that standard the society will be able to establish norms of sustainability that will have the effect of enriching and deepening the quality of life in that society and on this planet. The object is for the government and the culture to establish not just the poverty line or a basic living standard; the object is to establish a sova standard beyond which it is unbecoming to strive to accumulate wealth and hoard excess or surplus. 
God's role is to serve as counter-weight to the sovereign and to remind him of the severely limited sova point it is necessary to maintain while at the same time it is also God's role to remind the people of their cultural responsibility to protect their fertile cores and not to submit in servility to the temptations of a weak-willed ruling class. 

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