02 October 2011

Read and apply Scripture

Neither the secular world nor the orthodox world has a grip on how Scripture can inform the contemporary ecological situation on the planet. Both sides are still battling over issues that were fashionable half a millennium, a whole millenium, even two or two and a half millennia ago. 
Neither the secular nor the orthodox know how to read and apply Scripture's teachings to the present day circumstances either of Israel or of the planet. Neither the Christians, the Muslims, nor the Jews nor, for that matter, the secularists know how to apply Scripture's teachings to the problem of income distribution or aid to the poor; none of them know how to manage the excess of consumption, power, influence and arrogance the leadership of the clergy as well as the monarchy or the oligarchy have established for themselves; none speaks to a dignity and an autonomy before God for which Scripture calls as a pre-condition of covenantal relationship; etc. 
The critique of contemporary leadership, be it religious or secular, must be not with respect to their own terms, which are tired and serve as mere distractions, but in terms of how they address the issues of the day, of leadership, of the abuse of power (on the right), of a loss of direction and an aimlessness (on both the right and the left), of the relation between the haves and the have-nots; of the mining by the industrial economic order of the renewable source of productivity on the planet. 

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