09 October 2011

Tempering power

ChZL inculcated the preparation for the kingdom-come into the diaspora by training the Jewish people in the practices of the miqdash: zekher lemiqdash – washing hands for bread, salting the bread, etc. 
ChZL did not however understand the relationship of sheviit/shemitta to miqdash. ChZL did not inculcate into the diasporic Jewish people the practices of stewardship. 
The practices of stewardship are a modification of the practices of power. Because ChZL were averse to displaying the signs and portents of power, being themselves, as they were, under the heel of foreign powers, they eschewed the teachings of power and thus they lost the central teachings of the Bible: the tempering of power under the duties of stewardship. 
For ChZL stewardship moved away from the biblical teachings about the fertile core of Nature. Stewardship became instead an exercise in petrification and ossification. 
Rabbinic stewardship was defined as the passive waiting for the arrival of power and the miraculous awakening of the skills to wield that power under the magical workings of a new Messianic order. Stewardship became something once removed. It was no longer to be exercised over the creatures of God but rather only over the instructions of God. 

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